I have serious problems with Waste Management

To the editor,

Every Wednesday I place Waste Management containers on the curb for their curbside pickup. Once the containers are emptied it is reasonable to expect that all of the containers will be placed back on the curb. Instead one container is left in the street.

When I last complained about the issue to Waste Management they asked me did I know it was raining outside. Well, that dog don’t hunt for several reasons.

One is that it was raining when I placed the containers curbside for pickup. Another reason is as a disabled service-connected Vietnam combat war veteran living with the constant effects of Agent Orange, I don’t need a lecture from Waste Management on rain. The southern part of Vietnam had two seasons. One is relatively dry, from November to April, and the other one is rainy, from May to October, and is called the monsoon season.

As U.S. soldiers we carried out and accomplished our missions during the monsoon season. We never complained, we never made excuses. We just did our jobs. I do not want excuses from Waste Management. I want and expect them to do their jobs.

If you have had problems with Waste Management call the Public Works Department. If you do not get any response call your councilwoman, your councilman or the mayor.

Ronnie Roberson